Customer Service Excellence

As the name of the programme suggests customer service needs to be excellent and not just good. To make that an easy objective for your service team the programme is extremely practical, fun and interactive. It taps into the communication barriers we face daily and how to turn situations around by going the extra mile to achieve excellence. Not available as a Public Course.

Excellent customer service can position your organisation as number one or not. The average margin for victory between first and second place in car racing for the past 10 years has been 1.54 seconds. However the prize money for second place was less than half the winner’s!

Key Benefits

Determine what distinguishes your organisation from the competition

Identify the different social styles and behaviours and explain how they are used in social situations

Identify the needs of their customers and explore ways to meet those needs and exceed expectations

Practice skills required to achieve service failure recovery

Understand the benefits to be gained from consistently excellent service

List practical ways to be more effective with time management

Practice making a great first impression and learn how to communicate effectively

Consider ways to prevent complaints and apply effective complaint handling skills in a role-play

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