Impact 5 ® – The 5 Business Accountabilities Of Leadership (Business Simulation)

Impact5® is a leadership training game. It lays the foundation for a new mind-set that includes the full range of managerial responsibilities and behaviours. It helps managers link their competencies to the company’s performance. As a result, your managers discover five key leadership accountabilities and learn how to lead for results. Not available as a Public Course.

The 5 Impact Accountabilities are:
1. Executing for Results
2. Managing Change
3. Developing Talent
4. Influencing the Business
5. Building Personal Effectiveness

Key Benefits

Demonstrate a willingness to take ownership of personal effectiveness in development opportunities and continual learning

Take actions that show commitment to the development of talent for the enterprise as well as the department function

Demonstrate willingness to take action to influence the business beyond immediate departmental responsibilities

Demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to balancing “now-focused” and “future-focused’ accountabilities

Use appropriate “critical thinking guides” to analyse leadership situations in each of the accountability areas

MIN 12-MAX 20
1.5 DAYS



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