Bespoke – Team Building

Bespoke is team building with a difference! Learn how to band together and achieve worthy, united goals.

In teams of 6 to 8, participants are armed with wrenches, screw drivers and bicycle parts. Working together, they build a (real) bicycle that meets important safety and design criteria. With secret twists and turns along the way, teams must race against the clock and be ready to unveil their assembled bikes! The bicycles will be awarded to a good local cause of your choice on your behalf.


Key Benefits

Building a responsible business takes an entire team.

  • Collaboration to achieve a common goal
  • Develop strong relationship building skills
  • Learn to meet defined user and customer needs within a given deadline
  • Improve safety and financial awareness in managing team projects 
  • Supprt Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

MIN 8 – MAX 600





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