Da Vinci Code

In this highly engaging activity, teams are challenged to make a da Vinci Bridge and work out a special code – easier said than done!

Da Vinci Code challenges teams to master a technique dating all the way back to 1502 by using the plans for a bridge designed for the Sultan of Bajazet II.  Teams are challenged to think creatively, work together, and think of innovative links and connections which illustrate that a strong, simple form can be a strong force. 

Key Benefits

A simple, creative struture can lead to strong, innovative results

  • Learn the importance of agility and collaboration 
  • Exert a unified effort to achieve a challenging result
  • Drive the message of a “before” versus “now” or a “bridge to the future”
  • Develop important problem-solving and solution driven innovation
  • Understand the value of simplicity
  • Engage in a outdoor activity which is accessible and inclusive

MIN 12 – 100+





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