Impact 5 ® – The 5 Business Accountabilities Of Leadership (Business Simulation)

Impact5® is a leadership training game. It lays the foundation for a new mind-set that includes the full range of managerial responsibilities and behaviours. It helps managers link their competencies to the company’s performance. As a result, your managers discover five key leadership accountabilities and learn how to lead for results. 

The 5 Impact Accountabilities are:
1. Executing for Results
2. Managing Change
3. Developing Talent
4. Influencing the Business
5. Building Personal Effectiveness

Please note that this is not available as a Public Course.


Key Benefits

Learn to lead by example with Impact 5®

  • Take ownership of personal effectiveness in development opportunities and continual learning
  • Commit to the development of talent for the enterprise as well as the department function
  • Learn to influence the business beyond immediate departmental responsibilities
  • Understand and commit to balancing “now-focused” and “future-focused’ accountabilities
  • Use appropriate “critical thinking guides” to analyse leadership situations in each of the accountability areas
MIN 12-MAX 20
1.5 DAYS


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