Mosaic ® The Art Of Talent Leadership

Mosaic the art of talent leadership is a dynamic discovery learning programme designed to guide managers through the many issues and challenges of talent leadership, help them understand why their role as talent leaders is so critical, and allow them to discover ways to best fulfil this role for the organisation. 

Mosaic®  helps to identify the gap in your talent management approach- whether that is in attracting the right people, retaining through development or transitioning.

Please note that this is not available as a Public Course.

Key Benefits

Developing talent is the most important task in a business!

  • Articulate the internal and external drivers of the talent development “crisis” and the specific drivers impacting their own organizations
  • Explain the three overall talent leadership responsibilities as well as manager’s specific accountabilities within each of these areas
  • Demonstrate an enhanced willingness and ability, as a talent leader, to network with other managers and departments
  • Commit to a personal action plan designed to increase success with talent development and management activities

12 MIN




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