Improve your presentation skills in Dubai

‘Powerful Presentation Skills’ is an impactful 2-day programme designed to polish your presentation and public speaking skills. Powerful Presentation Skills is one of PROTRAINING’s signature programmes and is a consistently popular choice for our clients because it achieves results quickly.

Powerful Presentation Skills is limited to just eight participants so that individual coaching is part of the learning experience. Gaining powerful presentation skills ensures that you have a polished style and concise content for all your future presentations. The results of the programme have an immediate impact on your deliveries, substantially increasing the chances of sealing the deal, or shining in front of management or colleagues. This programme is recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), UK.

Please note that this is not available as a Public Course.

Take your talent to the next level with presentation skills training in Dubai

Our public speaking courses Dubai are focused on helping students:

  • Have more confidence in their presentations and be able to present with ease and authority.
  • Be able to stand out from the crowd through clear, concise messages that leave a lasting impression with their audience.
  • Gain the ability to inspire and motivate an audience towards action or decision making.

Immediately apply what they have learned on this course during their next presentation.

Why opt for our presentation skills training Dubai?

Let’s face it – you never know when you may have to speak up, whether it is a formal presentation at a conference or any other situation where you need your voice heard!

The programme includes a combination of practical exercises, group activities and individual work, evaluation as well as insight into body language strategies for effective communication. A variety of interactive tools are used to ensure that the programme is both enjoyable and effective.

In just two days, you will have built a solid foundation from which you can confidently build your presentation skills for future presentations.

  • Gain powerful techniques to improve their speaking confidence and impact.
  • Master the art of memorising key messages without sounding scripted.
  • Understand how to use body language effectively when communicating with an audience.
  • Learn how to adapt their delivery style according to the occasion.

Key Benefits

Prepare to win.

  • Upgrade the quality of presentations through direct feedback
  • Receive an honest appraisal of strengths and areas for development
  • Learn best practices for your presentation style
  • Accelerate the preparation time involved





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