Promises, Promises!™ – Team Building

Promises!™, Promises team building  is a perception-shattering discovery learning experience where participants discover what a truly borderless organisation looks like! The participants embark on a journey to understand the power of collaborative competition. To set the scene, participants arrive to a room set-up as ten “United League of Nations” countries complete with flags, passports and national anthems. Within this theme, the programme simulates the pressures and obstacles of interdependent teams and gradually demonstrates the strong relationship between teamwork and results.

The key benefit to Promises, Promises!™ is observing the change in behaviour as delegates learn to move from a “me” mentality to a “we” perspective that it delivers a perception-shattering insight to what a truly borderless organisation looks like where collaborative competition is the norm.


Key Benefits

  • Focus on the ‘big picture’ needs to deliver exceptional internal and external service
  • Operate with more ease and efficiency by fostering an environment of trust
  • Discover mutually beneficial results in this collaborative environment
  • Optimise the overall success by aligning their efforts to achieve individual, team and organisational goals

MIN 10


½ TO 1 DAY



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