Virtual Escape Room Special – Rescuing the SHEROES. 

 Research institutes are convinced that a number of women in this century have a genetic modulation that makes them almost super-human! Taking the lead on this, some global iconic women teamed up to join a secret service to introspect and analyse the secret ingredient that one could have which makes a super human. When they were at their task to reveal the secret recipe, a giant research company abducted these women, in order to keep the recipe a secret and use it to their selfish advantage.

In this Compete to Collaborate programme, your team is tasked to rescue one of these iconic woman and unveil the secret recipe to their success. Whilst teams are competing in this race to discover the secret ingredient there is a switch in the plot. The teams realise they cannot achieve this task on their own. The iconic women they are rescuing have given them a small part of the main recipe, only with collaborative efforts of teams together will the secret recipe be unveiled.

Key Benefits

Discover the secret ingredient to make a super human!

  • Learn creative problem solving skills
  • Develop core communication skills in an immersive environment
  • Build a highly engaged culture and boost morale
  • Engage hybrid teams with a virtual team building solution
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