The year ahead for PROTRAINING


“There is nothing good or bad, only thinking makes it so”. Shakespeare


Reflecting on 2020


As we are now on this side of 2020 – I reflect back on the accomplishments of the team and the support of our loyal client partners with great humility. We are grateful more than ever before to have had the opportunity to work so hard and reinvent ourselves and thankful to be stronger as we embark on 2021, with renewed optimism in the market we are fortunate to operate in.  

I have been impressed by the agility of many of our clients who simply kept the show on the road and pivoted to the virtual learning world that has become the new norm. It has been an honour and privilege to have been part of your success in 2020. 

Hats off to the PROTRAINERS who behind the scenes have shown the most resilience in 2020 and rallied behind me in solidarity to accomplish so much. At the end of 2020, we celebrated the design of over 30 new programmes in response to changing business demands and launched a suite of more than 80 e-learning courses within a month of being in lockdown, shortly followed by the release of our new website  Most importantly we were happy to support our valued clients with complimentary programmes on remote working, leading virtually and the release of daily inspirational quotes that kept us all connected and motivated.


What of 2021? 


Many of my colleagues are asking if I see the face of training changed forever with virtual learning.  My own view is that the value of face to face learning is irreplaceable. We can certainly engage well using creative tools through the virtual platform, reaching wider and larger audiences making cost efficiencies at different points – making “lemonade out of lemons”, so to speak. Yet people seem to thrive in the team dynamic and many participants long for the interpersonal connection and the depth of debate and discussions that are found in the face to face environment. 

In the handful of in-person sessions we delivered in the last quarter of 2020, we experienced firsthand the excitement of the participants who attended and the facilitators thrived on being able to gauge more accurately the effectiveness of comprehension and acquisition of skills of the individual participants. So, I believe there will be a new hybrid situation in 2021 of continued virtual training and the managed re-introduction of face to face sessions for select events and needs.

What is on the training calendars in 2021?


We see the rise in wellness programmes – including resilience, stress, and mindfulness and managing personal finances. 

Lots of focus on change leadership including leading remote teams and keeping teams engaged.

There is an obvious need for strong financial acumen – aligned to innovation to reduce costs and improve profit margins is trending.

Digital transformation and Agility remains on the demand list as companies race to lead and maximise the digital opportunities. 

But let’s defer to the research:


Deloitte 2021 perspective


Our hypothesis

“COVID-19 has reminded us of the dual imperatives of worker well-being and work transformation, but executives are still missing the importance of connecting the two. Organizations that integrate well-being into the design of work at the individual, team, and organizational levels will build a sustainable future where workers can feel and perform at their best.”

More on that here.

Finally, my favourite quote that I think connects 2020 and 2021 together. 


“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”. Winston Churchill


Much success in 2021!

Patricia O’Sullivan
Managing Partner

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